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Claim Services: File a Claim

1. How to file a claim

Filing a claim for lost or damaged items is fairly easy!
Just send us via US Mail the following items;
Instruction for Claim Form

  • A printed letter describing your grievances and a description of the lost and/or damaged items. Be sure to include your complete form as describe
  • A copy of your move Contract (UNIFORM HOUSEHOLD GOODS BILL OF LADING).
  • A copy of your itemized List of Contents - for long distance moves.
  • Photographs of the damaged items. These don't have to be Professional pictures, but the item must be discernable and the extent of the damages apparent.

Incomplete form or missing picture will delay the claim process.
Send it to:
The One Move
2500 Old Middlefield Way #B.
Mt. View , CA 94043 , USA .

When we receive your claim we log it into our system and start the claim process.
Claim processing can take from 30-90 days. Please wait at least 30 days before contacting us about the status of your claim.

2. Frequently asked question:

"What is the status of my claim?"
The day we receive your claim information in the mail it is posted on our computer systems. This is the Start Date of your claim. The claim process of examine and adjudicating, arbitrating and settling your claim with your moving company will take up to 30 business (and may extend to 90 business days based on extenuating circumstances). Please allow at least 30 business days before you contact us on the status of your claim.

"Can I send my claim via email or fax?"
Currently we are unable to process claims via email or fax. We are required to use the Us Postal Service date stamp to obtain the Start Date of your claim. In some cases we may ask for additional documentation via fax or email after we receive your original documentation. We are working on utilizing these electronic mediums, as well as the Internet, in the future to streamline the claims process.

"How will I be contacted about my claim?"
Once your claim is in process you may be called via telephone for additional clarification of specific items in your claim. Additionally, you will be contacted when a reimbursement has been determined. If the settlement is mutually acceptable you will be mailed a Release and Settlement form. This must be signed and then returned to us.

"Where's my check?"
Once your Settlement form is received we will issue a check to you.

If we can be of any further assistance, please contact Debi:

Customer Service
The One Move