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Quick 'n' Easy Booking:

At The One Move, we understand that your time is precious, so we make it easy for you to reserve your move.
Here is all we need from you to set up your move, hassle-free:
1. Your preferred moving day
2. Pick up address
3. Delivery address (Optional)
4. Best Contact number (Preferably a mobile number)

No Deposit needed!!!
Call or email your moving consultant today with these information and you will be good to go.
Your plans might change? Not a problem! You can make changes to your moving schedule until three days before your move date.

We are committed to offering you the best service at a competitive rate. Our team of experienced movers and moving consultants will be at your service throughout your moving process.

Moving Coupon:

One Move is a Green Moving company. By choosing us, you are choosing to protect our environment. Please check this link to learn more about Moving green with One Move.

  • 5 Book Boxes*
  • 2 Rolls of Tape*
  • 10 Wardrobe Boxes**
  • 5 Reusable Plastic Bins**

* These can be picked up at our office location in Mountain View, CA.
** Reusable items will be provided & collected on the moving day and are available only for local moves within California.

Moving Insurance:

Every move is covered with the basic insurance liability of $0.60 per pound per item. To protect any high value item, Full Replacement Value coverage insurance should be purchased. One Move can assist you in purchasing additional insurance. All you need to do: list each and every item that you are moving and need coverage for, while declaring the replacement value amount of each item. This is the most comprehensive coverage option available and provides the best coverage. For your benefit and for proper coverage, you must list and declare a replacement value on all of the items that you wish to cover. Items may be grouped together, such as clothing and bedroom sets. Please remember in the event that a claim is filed for any of those sets, the settlement amount may reflect the average value of the declared items.